The flight from KL to Pekanbaru, Sumatra, only takes an hour. By the time you’ve ascended and descended, there’s barely enough time for the crew to ask if you need an arrivals form or want a snack.
Pekanbaru is situated roughly in the middle of the island of Sumatra, part of Indonesia. My destination was a town called Pangkalan Kerinci, an hour and a half’s drive away (or longer, depending on the traffic). Pekanbaru is the nearest decent sized airport. Sumatra, from the air, is green. Forest and palm plantations. Ribbons of brown rivers running through. Reminded me of flying over the Mississippi.

Why did I head for Pangkalan Kerinci of all places? Visiting friends! A couple of Kiwis, of whom the husband got a job working for one of the palm plantation companies. They’ve been over there for a couple of years, and intended on moving back home half way through this year. So…great opportunity to head to a place I’d never dream of going otherwise? Taken.

My friends said I’d probably be the only Westerner on board the plane to Pekanbaru. That proved to be the case. Talk about off the beaten path!

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